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Related post: PROJECT NUMBER ZOl AI Q0196-01 LMSF PERIOD COVERED December 5, 1979, to September 30, 1980 TITLE OF PROJECT (80 characters or less) Bordetella pertussis ; Outer Membrane Structure and Function NAMES, Dapoxetine Canada LABORATORY AND INSTITUTE AFFILIATIONS, Dapoxetine In Canada AND TITLES OF PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATORS AND ALL OTHER PROFESSIONAL PERSONNEL ENGAGED ON THE PROJECT PI: M. S, Peppier Expert (Microbiology) LMSF NIAID COOPERATING UNITS (If any) None lab/branch Laboratory of Microbial Structure and Function, Hamilton, MT 59840 SECTION INSTITUTE AND LOCATION NIAID, NIH, Bethesda, MP Dapoxetine Tablet 20205 TOTAL MANYEARS: 0.8 PROFESSIONAL: 0.8 CHECK APPROPRIATE BOX(ES) D (a) HUMAN SUBJECTS G (al) MINORS G (a2) INTERVIEWS I3:(b) HUMAN TISSUES D (c) NEITHER SUMMARY OF WORK (200 words or less - underline keywords) Little is known about the surface Dapoxetine Uk ultrastructure of Bordetella pertussis . It is the object of this research to define the location, spatial relationships and biochemical composition of the major surface constituents of B^. pertussis and their contribution to the disease pertussis. SDS-PAGE of cloned, whole bacterial cells and their cell fractions, coupled with various chemical, immuno- chemical and enzyme "staining" techniques, as well as l25i_sm-face labeling, peptide mapping and nearest neighbor (cross-linking) analysis are used to determine the chemical nature, location and relatedness of cell components. Double diffusion and two-dimensional Immunoelectrophoresis with hyperimmune and hybridoma antibody are used to follow the qualitative and quantitative produc- tion of antigenic constituents in a modifiable defined medium. Purification of the major antigens is sought Dapoxetine In Australia to chemically define them and to assess their potential in improved Dapoxetine Price vaccines and diagnostic reagents. If possible, the genes coding for important major antigens will be cloned into an appropriate vehicle for enrichment of antigen production. 28-53 PHS-6040 (Rev. 10-76) Project No. ZOl AI 00196-01 LMSF Project Description: SDS-PAGE has been used in this project to define the biochemical nature and location of major outer membrane components of various Bordetella pertussis strains. Growth conditions have been shown to greatly affect the banding patterns seen on SDS-PAGE and agar plates made from the defined liquid medium of Stainer and Scholte as modified by Hewlitt et al. have been used to Buy Dapoxetine select for naturally-occurring, phenotypically stable "degraded" (non-hemolytic on Bordet-Gengou agar) strains of pertussis. Cloned, isogenic pairs of the hemolytic, virulent wild type and avirulent, non-hemolytic phenotype have been compared on SDS-PAGE and on double diffusion agar plates, to ascertain the growth conditions required for optimal production of Dapoxetine Hydrochloride virulence-associated components. For example, gyratory-shaken broth cultures favor Dapoxetine Tablets the growth of the non-hemolytic strains while optimal growth of the hemolytic strain is obtained during growth under static conditions. On SDS-PAGE the Dapoxetine India non-hemolytic strains are missing at least three peptide bands seen Dapoxetine Purchase in the hemolytic strains, and aside from losing the ability to produce hemolysis, do not produce agglutinogen 1 or stimulate lymphocytosis in mice. -'-'^^I-surface labeling of intact, viable organisms has revealed Dapoxetine Online at least six uniquely "hemolytic" bands and two Dapoxetine 60mg uniquely "non-hemolytic" bands. The nature of the selection mechanism and the optimal conditions Cheap Dapoxetine for maintenance of virulence are being determined. Modification of outer membrane constituents by heat and enzymes have revealed the Dapoxetine 30mg chemical and organizational relationships of several SDS-PAGE bands. Another unique set of Dapoxetine Buy Commassie Brilliant Blue- and Alcian Blue- staining bands show particular sensitivity toward oxidizing agents, apparently due Dapoxetine Buy Online to their association with sugar residues. Their apparent molecular weight increases after exposure to the oxidizing agent. It is hoped that these studies, expanded to include l^Sx-iabeled peptide mapping and nearest neighbor Purchase Dapoxetine (cross-linking) analysis will help define the organization, composition and function of the major surface components of pertussis. This information should improve our understanding of the host- B_. pertussis relationship, ultimately to improve immunoprophylaxis and diagnosis of this disease. Publications: None 28-54 Laboratory of Persistent Viral Order Dapoxetine Diseases Rocky Mountain Laboratories Hamilton, Montana 1980 Annual Report Table of Contents ZOl AI Project Number Summary 00072-09 00073-15 Host Defense Mechanisms In Viral Diseases Mechanisms of Dapoxetine In India Immunity and Immunopathology in Virus Related Diseases
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